WRS Book Club

The Well Read Sistas Bookclub. A Bookclub for Black Women. We welcome any Black woman interested in literature and stimulating discussion. Let's support each other by sharing tips for success and conversing about issues unique to "the Black woman's experience", exemplified by literature written by Black women.

Sis, You Good? Wellness Check In

Sis, You Good? This is a weekly 45-minute check-in for any Black woman that wants to connect virtually for a few minutes to help support another Black woman. This meetup will not be literature-based. We created this space at the beginning of the pandemic. For the sistas who may have been socially deprived during that hectic time. It will be a brief free form chat guided by the theme of the weekly Food For Thought Question. We encourage all Well Read Sistas to join. If your schedule permits, take a little time to boost your spirits and strengthen our bond!