When are Well Read Sista Book Club meetings?

Well Read Sistas Book Club meetings are conducted on the last Sunday of every month (barring a holiday). We meet at 3 pm EST virtually via zoom. Please see the events calendar and social media for more details. 

What is a Well Read Sista?

A Well Read Sista is any Black woman interested in convening with other Black women to contribute to our supportive and progressive community.

What do I need to attend a Well Read Sistas book club meeting?

When attending a Well Read Sistas Book Club meeting, all you need is the book of the month (audio or borrowed welcomed), attend the scheduled zoom meeting, and be ready to share!

What is Sis, You Good?

Sis, You Good? is a weekly wellness check-in with us! We meet at 6 pm EST every Sunday to check in with each other via zoom. There, we discuss our week, bond and discuss the weekly Food For Thought questionPlease see the events calendar and social media for more details.

What if I don't finish the book in time for the meeting?

No worries! We say try your best to read at least 100 pages of the book, but even if you didn't get a chance to start the book, we welcome you to attend. Most ladies are motivated to complete the book after the fruitful discussion. 

What genres do Well Read Sistas review?

We review books of all genres. The only rule is: the book must be written by a Black woman. Would you like to suggest a book for next month? Feel free to email us at wellreadsistas@gmail.com. We are happy to add your choice to the book selection ballot for next month.

How are the books chosen?

The "book ballot" is posted on the Tuesday after the previous book club meeting. Then, on Friday, the next book is chosen. Follow us on instagram @wellreadsistas for more information.

How do you vote? Join the Sistahood to receive the monthly "book ballot" or check us out on Meetup.com. 

Where do Well Read Sistas meet?

We meet at our private location The Well Read Manor in Harlem, New York. (Address provided upon RSVP). Due to our ever-changing times, all meetings will be completely virtualWe will keep you posted regarding any policy changes or scheduled in-person gatherings.

What happens at a Well Read Sista Book Club meeting?

Every meeting is 2 hours and consists of organization announcements, open discussion, book-themed games, laughs and life lessons. Remember, we only read and review literature written by Black women. Be sure to have your pivotal page (memorable/resonating passage) prepared to share. Lastly, at the close of each meeting, we proudly recite the Well Read Sistas chant!

What is a Pivotal Page?

The Pivotal Page is a memorable or resonating passage from the book selection. At each meeting, Well Read Sistas, will be asked to share a quote, passage or overall take-away from the literature. It's completely optional, but most ladies say it's their favorite part of the meeting.

Can I hold a Well Read Sista meeting in my neighborhood?

The answer is yes! Currently, there are 2000+ Well Read Sistas, globally. Most Sistas, will join the scheduled meeting virtually from wherever they are. However, we welcome any mini groups or organizations who would like to read along with us and follow the same meeting format. Feel free to email us at wellreadsistas@gmail.com for more information.

What inspired the book club?

Our founder, New York- native and Rutgers grad, Ari Gibbs created Well Read Sistas in September 2018. Merely armed, with a desire to read more and meet other Black women. She was stunned by not only the initial attendance, but the outcry for more spaces curated specifically for us. Black women. Thus, a greater mission was uncovered. 

"The bonds and connections built at Well Read Sistas are unmatched. In a world where so many Black women feel siloed in their duties, uncertain or blocked from their passions, perhaps even just misunderstood; Well Read Sistas is a safe haven.The experience is comparable to an amazing hug that you didn't know you needed, but you feel stronger after the embrace."- Ari Gibbs